Next Wireless: A Leading Tech-Company in The Mobile Phone Life-Cycle Industry

We are a leading technology company in the mobile phone life-cycle industry.  Our B2C and B2B business platforms make mobile technology available to everyone by connecting distribution channels to end-customers all around the world. Our best-in-class operational and logistics processes combined with our sophisticated technology platform have enabled Next Wireless to respond quickly and profitably to constant marketplace changes.


Global Reach

We are a truly global business touching individuals and businesses all around the world.  Our global network of suppliers enables us to efficiently source the best mobile devices for our worldwide base of end-customers.


Sophisticated Systems

We operate in a complex industry.  Since inception, we have heavily invested in developing our own "best-in-class" technology platform and value-added data tools to continually optimize our business processes and better serve our customers.



At Next Wireless, we are deeply dedicated to protecting our planet. We are in the business of extending the life of mobile devices and minimizing the negative impact to our environment. All of our processes are environmentally friendly.