Next Wireless' customer base is global and diverse. From the individual marketplace customer to the large retail operator, we cover it all.
Our advanced technology platform and sophisticated operational processes enable us to efficiently serve the different needs of B2C and B2B customers all around the world.


Next Wireless sells to consumers through a wide range of marketplaces all over the world.  Our open-source software integration, logistical execution and high-quality customer service have been the bedrock of our successful partnerships with marketplaces across the globe.  Over the years we have invested in the technological tools to make sure that each individual end-customer is 100% satisfied with the products they have purchased. 


In today's competitive "brick and mortar" retail world, large retailers and small chain operators are facing a growing number of threats to their business models.  We assist our B2B clients in finding new business opportunities by attracting customers with the freshest and most relevant used mobile devices offering.  Next Wireless helps our B2B clients efficiently manage, assort and supply their retail operations with the best equipment at competitive prices.  Our "white label" B2B product offering is entirely cutomizable to match the branding of our retail clients.




Packaging - The Physical Link To Our Customers

Packaging is not a detail to us. It is an integral part of our product. We believe that it imparts its personality and positioning

In today's current market, used mobile devices are often shipped with poorly designed packaging that neither insure proper protection of the device nor give a good impression once it is received by the end-customer. Most of our competitors neglect this matter, giving their clients a sense of insecurity as soon as they receive their phones.

Next Wireless turned this bad industry habit into a good company habit. We spent the resources to develop a beautiful, functional, robust and high-end packaging to increase our clients' comfort level.